Touch for Health Level 1

Touch for Health - Level 1

Thu, Jun 28 & Fri, Jun 29, 2018

9AM - 5PM

4614 Route 252, MABOU, Nova Scotia B0E 1X0, Canada

Learn how to balance 14 muscles in the body to create a free flow of energy and a balance of strength within the muscles. Learn how to de-stress with Emotional Stress Release points, how to change mixed messages that challenge coordination shown as dyslexia, how turn a muscle on and off, and how to bring energy into your day. This course will change the way you think about self care and your health care. You will be able to offer assistance to your family and friends.

You can continue with your studies with Level 2 - 4, as well as special workshops, practice days, weekly classes and more.

For more information about specialized kinesiology you can check out

Learn how to muscle test correctly, and Balance your auricular energy with a

how to assess 14 energy systems in the body. little ear rub. Jet lag or Shift work can benefit greatly from this technique

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