How Arbonne is Helping People to be Healthy Inside and Out

Thank you Michelle, Jenny and everyone who organized, attended and participated in the Health Fair this past Friday June 1, 2018. I enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone who stopped by our table to sample some protein balls and pomegranate fizz drink. It was also great to present my experience on healthy eating and getting proper nutrition while injured to expedite the healing process. Arbonne, which was recently “Ranked #1 Global Brand for Healthy Living Inside and Out” is making it possible for people to become healthier from the inside and out. This is primary due to their strict ingredient policy of using plant-based ingredients and by banning over 2000 harmful ingredients. All products are cruelty free, tested by independent labs and have become certified in nutrition and sport. Certification includes: vegan, gluten free, Peta, kosher, non GMO, BSCA (Banned Substance Control Group) and Low Glycemic-GI Labs tested. Arbonne has been a leader of the pure ingredient products movement for over 40 years. Since our skin is the largest organ, what we put on it is absorbed into our bloodstream in less than 60 seconds. We want to be putting the best possible ingredients on our skin and into our bodies. You will not find parabens, artificial flavors or sweeteners, mineral oils, formaldehyde, animal products or by products, petroleum, synthetic dyes, etc. in our products. In addition, people can become healthier through the 30 Days to Healthy Living clean eating program, developed by a team of professionals in nutrition. This program is designed to reduce inflammation, balance our PH and rid toxins from our bodies so we can feel our best! This support group is run monthly with the tool kit to set you up for success; they make it simple to follow because they know we have busy lives. Lastly, they make it possible through their vision for their consultants. This positive supportive culture allows us to help others while always learning and becoming the best possible version of ourselves. “Arbonne is a place where ordinary people do extraordinary things everyday to enhance not only their own lives but the lives of so many others” Petter Morck, Founder.

My goal is to help as many people as I can feel and look their best through our healthy living program, as well as offer them the opportunity to transform their lives through our amazing business opportunity. I will be attending Michelle and Natasha’s Tea with Intentions book launch, at Brook Village Grocery, June 11, 7pm if you’d like to hear more. I will be offering an essential oil bracelet workshop later this month date TBA. I am available for individual consult or group presentation.

Cara Palmer


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