Spiral Meditation

Hello, my name is Tanya Levy and I am here to guide you through a meditation based on a spiral path to release what no longer serves you and embrace what you want more of in your life. Please do not operate machinery or drive while listening to this meditation. This meditation is meant for relaxation and healing only and is not meant to replace any medical care whatsoever.

I facilitated a spiral meditation at the Self-Care Event on June 1, 2018. I have written it out below for you to follow along with the attached YouTube video.


I invite you to begin by following your breath. Breathe in and out. Follow your breath through your body in your own wisdom and your own timing. There is a spiral path before you. As you step along the path notice, what do you hear? What do you smell? What do you see?

As you step further I invite you to release what no longer serves you for your physical health. It might be junk food. It might be sitting too long without breaks. It might be avoiding rest. As you walk, envision yourself releasing anything that no longer serves your physical health. Continue to breathe in and out.

As you walk further along the spiral path to the center, I invite you to release what no longer supports your mental health. Release any worry, any overwhelming to do lists, any stories that no longer serve you and any negative self- talk.

Now I invite you to release what no longer serves your emotional health. I invite you to release anything that affects you emotionally, any negative thoughts or feelings, any emotions that are pulling you down, remind them that you love them. Release any habits that don’t serve you emotionally. Release any habits, stories, or memories that do not serve you emotionally. As you continue to the center of the spiral, I also encourage you to release anything that does not support your soul. Maybe you spend too much time inside. Maybe you have been focusing on things that do not fill you up or feed you. As you walk to the center of the spiral release anything else that no longer serves you.

In the center of the spiral, you will notice a special item. This is a symbol, a word or a song that is just for you. Take a moment and spend time with it. Since it is magic, it will shrink and fit in your pocket.

Now as you go back out along the spiral path I invite you to add to your life the things that promote your health and fill you up. I invite you to add any habits that fill you up physically like drinking water, cooking soup, breathing in the outdoors, taking a five-minute break with a cup of tea.

Remember to keep breathing in and out. What might support your mental health? Maybe you need to notice and let go. Perhaps you miss writing, reading, meditating or praying. You might need permission to read an uplifting book or watch an uplifting podcast. Or just sit and talk with a friend.

What will support your emotional health? What self-care activities do you need? Is there a connection or practice of meditation or walking you need to add to your life? Maybe you need to add an altar or a sacred space just for you to your home or apartment. Do you need to clear or clean so the space you have honours you? Does the clothing you wear and the food you cook honour you?

What might build your soul connection? Is there anything you need to add to your life that will fill up your sacred connection to the Divine? Perhaps you need to plant a tree, play with a child, make a scrapbook, cook pancakes, stand in the moonlight or talk to the Divine.

As you come to the end of the spiral path, focus on the one thing that becomes clear and add that to your life in the next week. Honour whatever pops into your mind or heart to be added. Even if it is go buy an ice cream, then go buy an ice cream. Follow your breath breathing in and out, in and out. Thank yourself for taking the time to honour yourself. Remember you are worth the time to release what no longer serves you and add in what fills your cup.

Tanya Levy, MSW, RSW, CCC is a counsellor, educator, digital artist and jewelry maker.

Click here to see her digital art.

Tanya creates individualized healing photos and offers breakthrough counselling sessions to help individuals create the life they want.


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