Tea with Intention Book Release

When we began to play with tea blends and starting creating our 5 Element set of teas, we had no idea the journey that the teas would take us on. Our 7 tea blends were combined with 3 layers of intentions: the intentions of the herbs themselves, the intention of the combination of herbs with the Element, and the intentions that can be made for goals and dream building. This was such an incredible way to really bring the tea to life in a new and fun way, as well as help with goal setting and dream building so that the body is resonating with the goals.

We launched the teas with a special webinar with the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiologists and quickly realized that we needed a book devoted to the techniques we were using, as this was something that had not been done before. Within a few short weeks the Tea with Intention book was in print, and 3 new tea blends were anxious to be created as well. Our three new blends are part of the Central and Governing aspects of the 5 Elements, and we have a combination tea that "accidentally" was created on its own volition! We are very excited to be launching the book and teas in our community, and to have the ability to share the knowledge we have acquired through our Master's studies with intention and goal setting.

Our tea blends can be found at:

  • Dr. Jennifer Doyle's Naturopathic practice in Port Hawkesbury

  • Brook Village Grocery just outside of Mabou

  • Inverness Arts Center

  • Journey to the Heart in Tatamagouche.

They can also be ordered online at www.dancedebut.com in the shop.

We have begun to post recipes for food and beverages that you can create with the teas. You will see these recipes shared on Inverness County Happenings as well.

Check us out and find out what tea blend will inspire you!




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