Pamper yourself with a Sound Essence Bath for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

A Sound Essence Bath is the combination of soft musical tones caressing the body with gentle vibrations, while a mist of luscious fragrances softly showers over you as you lay comfortably snuggled under a blanket on a mat.

Sounds delightful doesn’t it?! Definitely a must try event!

Natascha Polomski, a Frequency Kinesiologist and a Sound massage practitioner, displays an array of therapeutic singing bowls, Koshi chimes, Hapi drums, a native drum, and a gong, to complete her orchestra of musical bliss. Using metal bowls hand pounded to special specifications by Peter Hess, a German Tibetan Bowl manufacturer, Natascha is able to provide the room with the overtones and harmonizing aspect of almost two dozen specialty bowls. Combined with the angelic sounds of the Koshi chimes from France, the elements of air, water, wood and fire are spiraled and combined for a sweet addition to the orchestral music. The Hapi drums, are steel drums that have a special pentatonic tuning that release the tension in the body that release the flight and fight response and replace the instinctive survival struggle with a softness that opens up the body for gentleness and possibility of something more supportive and engaging. Add the deep power of both the native drum and the gong, and there is a full blend of tones, vibrations, and energy lifting opportunity. As if this is not enough for a treat to the body, mind and spirit, Michelle Greenwell, a Touch for Health instructor and practitioner, adds the power of the Sound Essence Misters from Evelyn Mulders extensive collection. Michelle has over 40 sprays that are specially blended to change the flow of energy through the body. Each blend has water that has been vibrated at a specific frequency, or a combination of notes, several essential oils specific to the frequency that the blend is reaching to shift, gem stone power, the frequency of specific color, applied intentions, sacred geometry and other symbolic powers for a full package of energy and vitality support. Michelle can choose two blends at a time and spray them with the power to interconnect with two energy forces. The blends can be used for meridians, elements, chakras, auric fields, hara line, etheric connection and more. Michelle provides a verbal connection to the blends that assists with goal setting, intention focus, and uplifting energy and vitality. Each member in the event has special attention with the sprays misted over them while they rest with the music.The experience of an hour with the music and misters is relaxing and uplifting. There is a longer lasting effect that happens well past the event. The goals addressed at the beginning of the event will be teased into action, while the combination of misters with music will open and direct energy towards objectives, goals and purposeful outcomes. All of this will result with minimum effort and awareness as the body will be shifted to the frequency for their success as a result of the sound essence bath. The long-term effects will be subtle, powerful and occur without much awareness. So, even though the experience seemed to be over in a blink of an eye, the effects are much longer.

Sound Essence Baths are offered throughout the year in Belle Cote, Mabou, Judique, Port Hawkesbury, Louisdale and Tatamagouche. As well, they can be shared with friends in a special setting as a private function. Singing Bowl massages are also available with Natascha, as well as private goal setting sessions with Michelle.

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Michelle Natascha

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The KEY to Health with Energy Medicine: Turn up the Frequency:

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