Tai Chi Cape Breton Spring Workshop

Celebrating 7!

A Tribute to Master Moy with our Spring Workshops

April 23rd – May 1st

With Tulips and Daffodils just around the corner, we are reaching that time in our Tai Chi careers to learn a little more about the activity that gives us energy and vitality! Doug Waines of Wine Country Tai Chi in West Kelowna will be joining us to share some special ideas that Master Moy graciously shared with us in Canada and around the world. Focusing on form and function, he will share the main teachings of Master Moy and the legacy that continues because of Master Moy’s heart and passion. Doug will be travelling to us and volunteering his time throughout his stay. Here is where you can cross paths with him:

Monday, April 23 Belle Cote Community Hall 10 – 2 pm Loh Kup

Tues, April 24 Judique Community Center 6 – 9 pm Tai Chi 108

Thurs, April 26 St Joseph’s Renewal Center, Mabou 6 - 9 pm Sabre

Fri, April 27 Belle Cote Community Hall 9 – 12 pm Tai Chi 108

Sat, April 28 Port Hawkesbury Civic Center 12 – 4 pm Tai Chi 108, Sabre

****International Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day***

Mon, April 30 Belle Cote Community Hall 9-12 pm Sabre, Loh Kup and Lunch at the Dancing Goat

Tues, May 1 Judique Community Center 6 - 9 pm Let’s run a set! As tradition continues, Doug will be a part of our expanded class times. As he will not be charging for his time, we need to cover the expenses of the week: travel, insurance, some hall rentals, t-shirt and thank you gift. A donation towards the week would be greatly appreciated for your opportunity to enjoy a full week of learning. As a suggestion – if you plan to take the expanded schedule - $50 for the week, or $20 for a portion of the week, or whatever you choose. I thank you in advance for your support of this special opportunity. We do have a donation from the Northern Inverness Community Health Board of $200 and this has begun to cover the cost of his flights which have already been booked. International Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day: We will be sharing Saturday with many other countries around the world to raise up the vibration of the world one breath at a time. If you can help us to make this day extra special, we would be delighted.

We will follow up the workshop with a Saturday night dinner. A tradition at workshops is a banquet dinner during the event. Natascha and Michelle have a Sound Essence Bath pre-booked at the Civic Center in the Shannon Studio from 4:30 – 5:30. For those wishing to join in the event, we would love to have you relax after an afternoon of learning. The cost is $25 per person. Afterwards, we will continue up Route 19 to the Clove Hitch for a Celebration dinner for all those who wish to join us. We will start this at 7:00 pm. Please indicate if this is a possibility for you, and we will reserve seats ahead of time. Their menu is exceptional and section has been booked for us to be able to chat and share stories.

Tai Chi, Sabre and Loh Kup details:

Sabre Set: This special set designed by Master Moy and following the teaching he received in China, has similar motions to regular Tai Chi, but the addition of a Sabre to hold in the hands and swing through the air. The set is quite short, and takes about 6-8 minutes to complete.

Loh Kup Set – Part 1 and 2: In total there are about 57 moves. The Loh Kup set is able to reach deeper into the tissue than the regular Tai Chi moves. By moving a finger, or extending with a little different position, there is more internal rotation and a massaging to the organs that we don’t receive through regular Tai Chi. Some of the moves are similar and some are just slightly different. It has a beautiful flow to it, and some of the movements are just plain fun to do. Learning Loh Kup enhances your Tai Chi in very subtle and wonderful ways.

108 moves: There are many ways to do the different steps, and each technique has a different impact on the body. Doug will be able to share his specific teachings from many years with different instructors. This is a good opportunity to work on specific moves slowly and deliberately, as well as linking up connector steps.

All levels are welcome!


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