Spring Workshop Series

Celebrate 5 years in Cape Breton with our Spring Workshop Series

April 20 – April 30

Doug Waines of Wine Country Tai Chi in West Kelowna will be our guest for a whole week of Tai Chi learning. Doug has over two decades of Moy Tai Chi experience working with several of Master Moy’s main students. This includes Doug Nettleton, Boon Loh, Ben Chung and many more. He will be sharing his experience and expertise with the 108 Moves, Loh Kup, and the Sabre Set.

Doug will be travelling to us and volunteering his time throughout his stay.

Here is where you can cross paths with him:

Wed. April 20, 2016 Judique Community Center 6:30 – 8 pm 108 moves

Thurs. April 21, 2016 St Joseph’s Renewal Center, Mabou 7 – 8:30 pm 108 moves

Fri. April 22, 2016 Belle Cote Community Hall 6-9 pm Sabre Set*

Sat. April 23, 2016 Port Hawkesbury Civic Center 12:00 – 5 pm 108 moves*

Sun. April 24, 2016 Belle Cote Community Hall 10 – 6 pm Loh Kup*

Mon. April 25, 2016 Belle Cote Community Hall 9 – 12:30 pm Review*

Wed. April 27, 2016 Judique Community Center 6:30 – 8 pm 108 moves

Thurs. April 28, 2016 St Joseph’s Renewal Center, Mabou 7 – 8:30 pm 108 moves

Sat. April 30, 2016 Port Hawkesbury Civic Center 12:30 – 3:30 pm Celebration

As Doug will be a part of our regular class time, as well as workshop times*, it is a challenge to set a price for this opportunity. As he will not be charging for his time, we need to cover the expenses of the week: travel, insurance, some hall rentals, banquet dinner meal, t-shirt and thank you gift. I would like to recommend that we do this by donation for the experience. As a suggestion – if you plan to take the workshops and regular class - $50 for the week, or $20 for a portion of the week, or whatever you choose. I thank you in advance for your support of this special opportunity.


This special set designed by Master Moy and following the teaching he received in China, has similar motions to regular Tai Chi, but the addition of a Sabre to hold in the hands and swing through the air. The set is quite short, and takes about 6-8 minutes to complete. For those learning this set, we are working on getting some Sabre’s made to enhance our experience. I will also have metre sticks available for those without a Sabre. It is great fun to see how this set can enhance your 108 moves by creating a flow and smoothness to the movements. All levels are welcome to learn this, and we will add practice times in to our classes for keeping this set going! If you think you will never remember all the moves, we will work together to keep it going. This will be a new set for me as well as I have not had the opportunity of learning it before, just giving it a try – and I love the feel of it!


Doug will be sharing his expertise with the first half of this set. In total there are about 57 moves, and we will learn about 30 of them. The Loh Kup set is able to reach deeper into the tissue than the regular Tai Chi moves. By moving a finger, or extending with a little different position, there is more internal rotation and a massaging to the organs that we don’t receive through regular Tai Chi. Some of the moves are similar and some are just slightly different. It has a beautiful flow to it, and some of the movements are just plain fun to do. We already practice Loh Kup in Port Hawkesbury on Saturdays from 2 – 2:30 after regular Tai Chi, and we will be adding extra time in Belle Cote with the regular class time on Mondays. Together we will be able to work on learning and remembering this set. For those just learning the Tai Chi set, if you are interested in learning this one as well, please come along!

108 MOVES:

There are many ways to do the different steps, and each technique has a different impact on the body. Doug will be able to share his specific teachings from many years with different instructors. This is a good opportunity to work on specific moves slowly and deliberately, as well as linking up connector steps. All levels are welcome.

What about the long days? Won’t we be tired? Some of your best learning cannot happen until you have submersed yourself into a workshop. Regular class is an opportunity for learning, but it is not the opportunity for practice. A workshop creates the atmosphere for perfecting techniques, finding stubbornness in muscles that hold on, and when the body starts to tire, the relaxation creates a whole new level of learning. You will be surprised at how the energy building in the body through Tai Chi sustains you through the day. It is such a gift to have this time to just be present to learn and to grow.


A tradition at workshops is a banquet dinner during the event. We will be sharing Saturday night at the Barykin Bistro in Port Hawkesbury at 5:30. Significant others are welcome to join us. We will reserve our seats ahead of time as the restaurant is small. We can order off the regular menu which includes organic and gluten free choices.

You can let me know your intentions here and your seat will be reserved.


Saturday, April 30th is World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day. We will have our celebrations from 12:30 3:30 pm. Doug will be with us until 2:30 and then he will head to the airport. Johanna Padelt will be with us to share her insights in Qi Gong, and Natascha Polomski will have her Singing Bowls and Gongs set up as in previous years. It will be a very fun way to finish off the whole week of learning.

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